I'm Raf, thanks for stopping by!


Originally from Argentina, I was raised a bit all over the place by adventure (and job) seeking parents. After Uni I somehow became a digital nomad and moved around for 10 years before settling (for the time being) in the French Basque Country.


I've worked remotely since 2010, designing for varied companies such as Messapps, Witco (ex MonBuilding), Schneider Electric and Flipaclip as well creating illustrations for clients like MIT and Deloitte. I have been a part of the Toptal network of freelancers since 2016, and on that year I also gave a Design workshop at NYU (invited by Messapps).


I'm a UI Designer and Illustrator with a degree in Advertising and my specialty is helping startups translate their ideas into tangible, polished designs.

Because I often work on app MVPs (a sample of app to pitch to investors and validate the app/platform concept), creating scalable design systems is an important part of my process. 

Head over to the Design or Illustration sections to see some of the projects I've worked on. 

More about me

I'm one of those people who has an infinite amount of hobbies. I get easily excited about pretty much anything related to sports, art & design, traveling, nature, psychology, sociology, you name it. I am curious about human behaviour, social norms and why we don't question these stories we make up more often. 

I surf regularly at my local spots as well as doing a couple of surf trips per year, work on passion projects, make comics & GIFs.

Reading is one of my big interests, and I can be often found day-dreaming overlooking the Atlantic ocean. 


Email: hello@rafsdesign.com

Instagram: @rafs84