Buoywatch - NOAA buoys dat‪a

As surfers, iOS developer @ppacie and I wanted a quick way to get real time swell data so we could plan our work-surf day. We were already checking buoys to calculate when the waves would arrive at our local beaches, but we are busy people so we dreamed of an iPhone & Apple Watch App that would notify us when the swell was on its way. We figured that other surfers might struggle with the same issue so we set to create Buoywatch.

How it works

Set your nearest or preferred buoy as your main one and your are ready to get real-time updates, 24-hour chart data, buoy alerts and much more.

Dark & light mode

Select between light and dark more depending on your preference.

Main buoy & favorites

Select one main buoy that will be displayed on your watch face, iPhone widget and main screen of the app.

Search & select your favorite buoys to have quick access to them. 


  • Over 300 NOAA & worldwide buoys.
  • iOS 14 widgets!
  • Favorite buoys.
  • New watchOS complications.
  • Historic charts.
  • Dark or Light mode support.
  • Wave size notifications to score the best surf.


Apple watch app & complications