Illustrations for clients

Over the years I have incorporated illustration into many of my design projects as a way to bring more personality and make my designs more unique. Here are some of the illustrations I've made for clients. 

Witco (ex-MonBuilding)

Witco is a white label building management tool. I worked on their platform design from 2017 to 2022 and as a part of my job I also created a few placeholder web illustrations to use in the designs. These are simple, monochromatic illustrations that work with any of Witco's client's colours. 

The key is diversity

Coming form a background with a lot of diversity, I insist on portraying this in my illustrations. Using the same base illustration, there are infinite possibilities, and with just a few tweaks we can represent a more realistic world which includes more skin tones, body types (not portrayed in this sample) and genders . This was a sample I made for a client. 

Storyboard for a Big 4 Consulting firm (via Toptal)

The brief was to create a storyboard with vector illustrations depicting 2 possible chain of events:

The first one, where a single mom is  who doesn't have a support system, overwhelmed by having unstable, low paying jobs, a serious medical condition and being evicted while doing everything possible to keep her children afloat. 

The second one where that same single mom has a support system, receives medical and financial advice and is able to lead a fulfilling life.

This was an emergency project for a presentation, these illustrations were made in 2 days from brief to delivered assets. 

My Goodness

Simple & cute character vector illustrations.

SwappyBook iMessage Stickers

These iMessage stickers were a complement and used as a marketing freebie to promote the app. Since the app is about books, each cactus-character was a well known book character or a type of book character. 
These are vector illustrations. 

Badges for Maze App

The brief requested the creation of quirky, fun badges to be used in a maze mobile app game as the player advanced in level difficulty. These are vector illustrations. 

Digistamps for scrapbooking

The brief was to create themed line drawings of cute children. The themes were: Birthday, Easter, Valentine's Day and Winter. Here I showcase a sample of each collection. These are vector illustrations.