Commissions and personal illustrations with a variety of styles, tools and techniques.  

Mish-mish cats

A collectibles project featuring individually hand-drawn cute cat characters by Rafs84 (me) . They are a representation of all things naive, joyful and senseless in this NFT crazed world. The collection consists of 24 different Mish-mish cats.
Link: https://opensea.io/collection/mish-mish

Floating & searching

Spot illustration in pastel colors.  Made in Procreate. 

The escape room

Depiction of a group of friends/colleagues

Morning routine

Did 2 versions as an exploration, with and without outlines. 

The juggling mom (commission)

Presentation illustration for an Instagram profile showcasing all the things a mom juggles in her everyday life. This is a digital illustration done in Procreate.

A man & his dog (commission)

I don't often do commissions, but I could not say no to this one and it was one was the hardest one I've ever had the honor of drawing. This guy was loved dearly, not only by his dog, but by all his friends and family.

Les Landes couple (commission)

Commissioned poster for a couple of French surfers.

Style showcase

Color & style explorations. 

Hand lettering of inspirational quote

Hand lettered posted done on the iPad pro with Procreate. 


Illustrated recipe

A3 Poster with recipe for a traditional cake created by Welsh immigrants in Argentina. 


Anglet & Biarritz Surf Map

Illustrated an A3 posted of the area where I live. It includes surf spots, popular landmarks and where to eat. Digital. 

Surf Sisters

2 tone illustration. Digital.


Various. Digital.

My kind of Christmas

Traditional illustration using ink, watercolors & watercolor pencils.


India ink and nib for the outlines, coloured digitally.