100 Questions to Fall in Love: A Card Game App

Indie App
UX/UI Designer
1 month

About the project

This case study outlines the journey of conceptualizing, designing, and developing the "100 Questions to Fall in Love" card game app. The primary goal of the project was to create a user-friendly mobile application that facilitates meaningful conversations and emotional connections between users in relationships. The project's foundation was based on the idea of emulating a physical deck of cards to foster intimacy and understanding.

Project Overview:

Idea Generation:The project was sparked by the idea of translating the experience of a deck of cards into a digital platform. The central concept revolved around providing users with thought-provoking questions to initiate conversations and deepen relationships. The aim was to offer a convenient tool for couples to engage in more profound discussions and enhance their connections.

User Personas:Two distinct user personas were crafted to guide the design and development process:

  1. Couples in Relationships: Individuals in varying relationship stages, seeking to strengthen their emotional bonds through meaningful conversations.
  2. Dating Partners: People in the early stages of dating, looking to explore each other's thoughts and emotions on a deeper level.

My Role:

As the sole creator and developer, my responsibilities encompassed various key aspects:

  • Conceptualization and Ideation
  • User Persona Development
  • User Flow Design
  • MVP App Design
  • Project Planning and Coordination

Design and Development Process:

User Flow Design:A streamlined user flow was devised to ensure a seamless experience:

  1. Welcome Screen: Introduces users to the app's purpose and features.
  2. Onboarding: Explains the app's benefits and how to engage in the card game.
  3. Question Screen: Presents questions in a card format, encouraging interactive discussions.
  4. History: Allows users to revisit past questions and delve into their shared journey.

Minimal Viable Product (MVP):To test the viability of the concept and gather user insights, an MVP was developed. The MVP included:

  • Welcome screen and user onboarding.
  • Card-based question screen, enriched with Undraw illustrations to enhance visual appeal.
  • History section to review past discussions and moments of connection.

Illustrations and Visual Elements:To expedite the development process while maintaining visual appeal, free Undraw illustrations were seamlessly integrated into the MVP. These visuals complemented the app's theme, enriching the user experience.

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The "100 Questions to Fall in Love" app project marked an essential step in creating a platform that encourages deep, meaningful conversations between couples. The journey encompassed ideation, creation of user personas, user flow design, and MVP development, featuring captivating illustrations from Undraw. While the MVP awaits user validation, the project anticipates positive feedback and engagement, validating the concept of using technology to foster emotional bonds and enrich relationships.

As the app nears its final stages of development, the insights gleaned from the MVP and user feedback will pave the way for further refinements, potential features, and the opportunity to create lasting impact in the realm of emotional connection and relationship enhancement.