How an insignificant project got me though the pandemic

100 days, 100 GIFs. Feeling like I could give something back to anyone following my socials during the pandemic.

In 2020, during the pandemic I created one GIF per day for 100 days.

When the pandemic hit I found myself (just like everyone else) with way too much time indoors. I had all this extra time to create, yet I was wasting it by consuming news, filtering and analysing information, trying to figure out what the hell was going on and worrying about my loved ones:

What was going on? 
How long would this go on for? 
How quick can they find a cure? A vaccine?
What if my parents got COVID?
or if my sisters got it?
If someone, didn't allow myself to go there, I could see it was very dark.

It was draining, and I'm sure most of us experienced some variation of this.

I felt compelled to create something, but I did not have the energy to feel creative and imaginative. Two of my favorite activities felt meh all of a sudden: I could not concentrate on any book I started reading, and I did not feel like drawing!

I was lucky enough that the workload in my  design job increased (I will forever be thankfull for that) and I also took up yoga which did wonders for my anxiety.

But I still felt like I needed to create something, anything!

So to try and set a creative spark I needed to find something easy and that wouldn't take me too much time or effort. I challenged myself to create one GIF every day to share with the world. I had already been making GIFs for a while, so I knew that I could make quick ones in a matter of minutes or spend hours upon hours if I wanted to make complex transitions.

On days where I was more motivated I would push myself to experiment, but on the days where I was down I would write a word and make it wiggle. I just needed to keep it going.

I shared them on Instagram and uploaded them to Giphy, where anyone could find and use them on their stories, posts or videos. My hope was that it would brighten someone's day so I made plenty of cute animals and sassy words.

It's now been 2 years, and looking back I am glad (and a bit surprised too!) that I was able to keep these going for 100 days.

Sometimes it's the small everyday things that keep us going.

You can see all my GIFs on Giphy by clicking here, or scroll a bit on my Instagram account by clicking here.