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Mish-mish cats is a collectibles project featuring individually hand-drawn cute cat characters.

The Mish-mish cats are a representation of all things naive, joyful and senseless in this NFT crazed world.

Why did I create this? 

Around mid-2021 the NFT craze was at it's height and I still could not grasp the concept, so while I dove into trying to underestand more of the crypto world I created a fun little side project for myself from a character I had started developing in my 100 days of GIFs passion project.

I had to learn how to create a wallet on Metamask, to then create an account on OpenSea in order to upload my NFTs.

What was I trying to get out of it?

The only goal I had was to learn more about NFT's and get some cute character drawings in the process. IF I ever sell any the proceeds will go to an animal shelter that acceptes crypto. Win-win.

What did I learn?

Amongst many other things,I learnt that most of the successful NFT collections have aroun 10.000 randomized variations (computer generated) and a good marketing campaign behind it.

I also learnt that by choosing to draw each NFT by hand instead of creating the different features and then running it though a randomized generator was that I limited the amount of NFT's I could make.

NFTs have been around since 2014, but only in 2021 did they make it into the mainstream, as a means to buy and sell digital artwork.

To see the collection on OpenSea, click here. Any proceeds will be donated.