The Unseen GIFs: An Unexplored Opportunity for 'We the 15' Campaign

Though my original GIF campaign proposal for "We the 15" didn't make it to the final cut, I believe that it represents a compelling concept that can significantly bolster the online visibility of the campaign and further amplify its message of disability awareness and inclusion.

The aim of this proposed GIF campaign was to bring to life the spirit and dynamism of the Paralympic games and the "We the 15" campaign, using engaging, short, looped animations. Each GIF was designed to be more than just a fun, shareable piece of content. They were intended as moving stories that highlight the prowess, determination, and joy of para-athletes, while also subtly shedding light on the everyday challenges they overcome.

The idea was to spread these GIFs across various social media platforms - from Twitter to Instagram - to encourage shares, likes, and conversations. A key part of the strategy was leveraging the vast, viral nature of GIFs to reach a wider audience, thereby expanding the campaign's impact.

I've included a few examples of the GIFs below. Despite the proposal not being adopted, I feel that it represents a blend of creativity, strategy, and social cause - elements that I strive to incorporate in my work.