Swappy Books

 Swappy Books is an app that allows users to exchange physical books with people nearby.  It's a passion project created with iOS developer @ppacie.

 We worked together on the concept and features, then I created the UI, including the illustrations. This app was complemented with an iOS sticker pack that's free to download and use in Messages.


The idea that triggered the app was that we can no longer deny terrible consequences our mass consumption habits are having on the environment. We need to rethink our ways and the Swappy Books' mission is to contribute a tiny bit by helping you give a new life to read and forgotten books.

No registration required

No tedious registration or sign up is required, which is one of my favorite little things about this app. All you need is a book to swap.

The User Interface

The concept behind the visuals is to make it almost game-like, to guide the user through the experience, and to wink at the user with some little surprises. It was designed to allow for scalability, as we projected adding features in the future.

Swappy Books was discovered and featured in Product Hunt!

Get SwappyBooks for iPhone

You can download SwappyBooks on the link below.