Witco (ex-MonBuilding)

UX/UI Lead
2017 - 2022

About the project

Witco is a white-label Building Management Platform used in offices, co-working spaces and residential housing.

I worked alongside the founding team from 2017 until 2022 as their main UX/UI designer.

We started with an MVP and in the years I worked with them we grew the platform to include over 50 customisable modules that help optimise the day-to-day of managers and occupants (tenants, employees, residents).

Witco is currently implemented in over 800 buildings and used by 5000 companies.

My role

In my role as the Lead Designer I wore many hats:

  • Work together with the founders (and lated the Project owner team) to ideate, create and update modules for the app and web.
  • Design the new modules from scratch to developer hand-off.
  • Review and propose new approaches to improve the user's experience. Test and iterate regularly.
  • Create a white-label design system and keep it updated.
  • Design custom icons.
  • Create custom illustrations.
  • Design hand-off to developers.


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