Swappy Books

Personal project
Creator & designer
3 months

About the project

Swappy Books is an app for users to exchange physical books with other people nearby. No registration is required; all you need is a book to swap.

This was a personal project done in collaboration with the OS developer @PPacie.

I designed Swappy Books from its initial concept to the finalized visuals, including the illustrations. The concept behind the visuals was to make it almost game-like by guiding the user through the experience and winking at the user with some surprises.

The main goal of this app was to find a way to make physical books circulate; Most books are bought, read once or twice, and spend the rest of their lives forgotten on some dusty shelf.

Swappy Books is an invitation to rethink our ways, and our mission was to contribute a tiny bit by helping you give a new life to read and forgotten books.

My role

• Initial idea.

• Low fidelity prototypes to validate the idea.

• Created user flows and wireframes.

• UI design for iOS app.

• Illustrations for the app, the landing page, and iMessage stickers.


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The app was successfully launched in the app store and was discovered and featured in Product Hunt.

You can download SwappyBooks for iPhone here