Reviving Forgotten Books: UX/UI Design for SwappyBooks App

Personal project
Creator & designer
3 months

About the project

SwappyBooks is an app designed to enable users to swap their physical books with other nearby users without the need for registration. By simply having a book to trade, users can easily engage in book exchange.

I worked alongside OS developer @PPacie to create SwappyBooks, a personal project that involved designing the app from inception to final visual presentation, including illustrations.

The visual concept was aimed at gamifying the user experience while also adding a touch of surprise to the process.

The primary objective of the app was to promote the circulation of physical books, as many books are purchased, read once or twice, and then left to collect dust on a shelf.

With Swappy Books, our goal was to encourage users to reconsider their approach to reading and to contribute to the effort of breathing new life into forgotten books.

My Role:

As a UX/UI Designer and Illustrator for SwappyBooks, my role involved the following:

  • Generating the initial idea for the app
  • Developing low-fidelity prototypes to validate the concept
  • Creating user flows and wireframes
  • Designing the UI for the iOS app
  • Producing illustrations for the app, landing page, and iMessage stickers.

Eco-friendly Emily - Main user persona and early adopter

Secondary user persona - Broke Ben
Broke Ben - Secondary user persona

Secondary user persona - Social Sarah
Social Sarah - Secondary user persona
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SwappyBooks was a personal project that evolved into a labor of love, a testament to the power of good design and a compelling idea. Working alongside the talented iOS developer @PPacie, I had the opportunity to shape this project from its initial concept to its final visual presentation, a process that was both fulfilling and educational.

You can download SwappyBooks for iPhone here