Piano Carnival iPad app

As lead UI designer for the Piano Carnival iPad app designed for children, I created a fun and engaging user interface that combined classical music with a magical atmosphere.

As the lead UI designer for Piano Carnival, an interactive iPad app designed for children by the Messapps team, my primary goal was to create a fun and engaging user interface that would keep children entertained.
I worked closely with the team to design an app that was visually appealing and consistent with the carnival theme, while also incorporating interactive elements and animations that would capture the imagination of children.

My responsibilities included designing controls that were easy for children to use, creating text backgrounds that were easy to read, and designing extra screens such as popups, parents, menus, and credits that would enhance the overall user experience.

Throughout the project, I kept the target audience in mind, ensuring that the app was both entertaining and educational.

The result was a vibrant and immersive app that combined the excitement of a magical adventure with the beauty of classical music.